Can Safes, 3 Things to Think About Before Making One

At one time or another all of us who are concerned with home security and protecting our valuable items come across can safes.  There’s all kinds of instructions online how to build one.  Some are elaborate and some are quick and dirty.

In this post I’m going to discuss three things to keep in mind if your about to build or buy one.

  • There a possibility the type of can you pick could be used by an intruder.  Think about this, just because it’s a warm soda can doesn’t mean no one if going to pick it up and use it or take it with them.  If it’s some kind of inviting food can that may also be picked up to use at a later date and then the secret stash place is discovered.

  • Just how do you make the cut on the can.  You may see some elaborate cutting tools used or one of kind openers that would be hard to locate.  Also you want to keep in mind how to safely use metal cutting tools.  So you first step is to make sure you can safely and neatly cut your secret hiding can safe.

  • If you do make y our own, when you take the label off you have to be sure it can be reattached securely and still looks unused.  If a can is going to be used often you may want to look at one of the commercial offerings on the market.

Hopefully your one of those people that enjoy building things and discovering how to do something as you go along. Already have the tools and maybe even better ways of improving on a design.  To make it even look more natural.

Or you may along the way discover that there are more sophisticated secret hiding boxes that can be put completely out of sight by using powerful magnets.  Magnets so strong these hidden boxes can even be put on moving automobiles.

To see an alternative to a can safe that can be a secret hiding place go to

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