Hiding Valuables in the Home

Ever find yourself looking around your home wondering where a good place is to hide your valuables. Of course the bank is the best but there are times when a temporary hiding place would be nice. A secret stash place that has quick access and not too much trouble to use.

At the same time you want it to be out of site and not a logical place an intruder would look especially if they are in a hurry, like most intruders are.

Here’s a tip on a hiding place that is not too much trouble to set up or to modify and can serve you for years to come.

Just about all homes these days have cooling and heating vents in the duct work. The air ducts run through the walls or can be exposed as in the basement and some buildings have exposed ducts running along the ceilings usually.

And even if your air system doesn’t have a duct in the room your need to stash your valuables then you can always add one.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to explain how to add one and if you can’t think of how to do it, it’s a very small job for a skilled carpenter, metal worker or anyone familiar with hand tools.

The only thing to look out for is it’s probably a good idea to install or use existing vents that are in a horizontal run as opposed to a vertical run. The reason is simple, if you should drop your secret hiding box while putting it in the duct work it would fall to the bottom and you would have quite the job retrieving it.

So if you need to install a vent do so in a horizontal run. You could simply lay inside out of the way and if you have to take the vent off often just use magnets to pop the vent on and off or keep a screwdriver handy to use on the metal screws that attach the vent cover to the vent port.

If you want to add an element of security, you could get a magnet stash box. This way you could attach it to the inside top of your horizontal duct when you place your valuables inside or anywhere inside the duct at angles an intruder would not think to look even if they did discover your hiding place.

Really once you start looking around your home there are a lot of places you could conceal a magnet safe at unusual angles. All you need it something metal to attach it to.

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