Home Secret Stash Box

Since the strong magnets attach to anything metal, the large model is excellent for file cabinets because of it’s slender size.

Very flat and wide. It’s only 2 and a half inches high. Which means you can literally install these stash boxes inside the upper part of a file cabinet.

The file drawer will conveniently open and close while the box stays attached to the underside of the top. You can keep personal belongings like papers or rare coins, whatever you choose.

And if for any reason your home ever becomes flooded you will have added protection with this secret stash box.

Some people like to install the box in the air ducts of their central air unit. Simple remove the screen plate outlet of the air duct and the magnets will let you attach the stash box at any angle.

3 thoughts on “Home Secret Stash Box”

  1. hi i currently have tracking devices which will need to be hidden on my company vehicles.
    I would like to purchase the magnetic box to place the trackers inside of it. Will this have any effect on my tracking device.??

    Please feel free to email me back.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. HI,

    Good question, I see a lot of knockoffs of this box saying they are gps boxes but having a background in electronics I would be hesitant to put a gps unit anywhere there are strong magnets without proper shielding. So if anyone knows of a gps that works with this box please contact me.


  3. After further research I see people are using GPS devices around strong magnets. Possibly as far from the magnets as possible or the newer models are better protected. I would say proceed with caution.


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