How to Purchase Magnetic Stash Box

There are several ways to get your hands on a Magnetic Stash Box.

You can purchase directly from this website, check out “How to Use This Website” in the right hand column.

You can request that I send you an invoice directly from PayPal if you wish.  Contact me at buckapple(at) for further information.

You can always send a Money Order, please contact me for details and address.

I ship immediately upon payment.

Contact if you have any questions.


10 thoughts on “How to Purchase Magnetic Stash Box”

  1. Do you ship to uk? Would you ship to UK? Does anyone in UK stock the product? Is it your product? Could I sell the magnrtic box in UK for you?

  2. i really like what ya got here im in cali doing the same thing but on a smaller scale and for more $$$ i also make screw lidded hockey puck sized stashes good job

  3. Hi,

    Check the shopping cart page and yes I take money orders.


  4. I need a stash box shipped to Los Angeles by Thursday. Do you do overnight shipping?

  5. Very interested in your stash boxes can u send me a price im away from my home country and do not want to loose your contact;

  6. Hi,

    Look at the shopping cart page for prices. Email me what country you are in and I can tell you shipping.


  7. Really want one of these but need it in a couple of days. Is it possible for me to pay to get it that soon?

  8. Hi..USPS Priority Mail is included with each purchase. That’s usually 2-4 days in the US. Tracking is included so you can see where the box is in the delivery process. I also do overnight but best to call first so I can invoice you (paypal) for the extra shipping. Thanks!

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