Instructions on Use Outdoors

We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to help you get the most out a Magnetic Stash Box, and protect your valuables through any conditions.

Even know the magnets are bolted on and we do two things to assure they’re airtight; drilling the holes smaller than the bolts creating a seal, and the rubber washer under the head of the bolt makes doubly sure the seals are secure.

Through extensive research we’ve compiled the following list of recommendations for best results.

If using on your automobile, regardless if you are camping or driving, read the following:


-Inspect the entire underside of your car to find the best spot for the box, and once located, clean off any excess mud or dirt before application.

-Make sure you’re connecting with solid steel; the strength of a magnet is dependant on the thickness of the metal you attach it to.  If you have to scrape away any rubber coating.

-Conceal the Safe in a spot that intruders couldn’t see even if they looked; such as your bumper, frame, receded space, or another subtle spot, just make sure it is connected to metal, not fiberglass.

-Go through a few puddles to make it match the color of the undercarriage.

-For maximum magnet force place the box horizontal to the frame, not with the magnets facing sideways.

–Put a luggage combo lock on your safe if you’re going to leave it in the car. (Large and XXLarge models only)

Do Not

-Place the box on rubber coated metal, unless it has a very solid hold.

-Leave the Magnet Box under your car when you visit your mechanic.

(Do Not  put next to a heat source (exhaust system, engine) melting the plastic latches.)
—Keep this in mind while your under a cooled down auto!

3 thoughts on “Instructions on Use Outdoors”

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  2. I am interested in a strong magnetic box with an 8″ by 6″ by 2″ that has the lock loop on it. Do you ever take special orders? If not, would you consider this size for a new inventory item?

  3. Hi,

    The closest I have on that is the 5x and 6x for cars. There at the bottom of the Home page or index page. I have ones that size and bigger on the page that’s for home use or inside boats and such if that fits your needs.

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