Picture Gallery of Boxes

Here’s a picture gallery of boxes.
Click on any box to see enlarged views.

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What REAL Customers say about the Magnetic Stash Box:

“My girlfriend’s car got rear-ended and the box was still attached to the hit bumper!”
Alex from California

“I drove across the country hitting speed bumps, pot holes, washboard dirt roads and terrible city construction projects. My Secret Safe stayed exactly where I put it the whole trip.”
Tara from New Mexico

“I got concerned when I bottomed out on a back road and heard crunching noises under my car. The Safe had three gouges in it but had only moved half an inch and was still sealed.”
Matt from New Hampshire

“Being an outdoors-man, I’ve had to leave valuables unattended many times. Now I can hike and surf with peace of mind.”
Taylor from California

“My Secret Safe has been through blizzards, torrential downpours, and creeks, delivering dry contents at the end of each journey.”
Kristina from Colorado

“Traveling in America made me nervous, but my Secret Safe protected my passport, cash and keys while I was enjoying the nightlife of New York City.”
Ben from Australia

2 thoughts on “Picture Gallery of Boxes”

  1. Hi,
    The sizes used to run from smallest to largest:
    Sm,Med,Large,Xlarge,XXlarge, then I got 4 more models with a different latching and dimensions…
    3x,4x,5x and 6x /// So then to keep the sizes relatively getting larger in size it went to
    The best thing to do is check the dimensions inside and out (posted next to pics in cart or a page dedicated to dimensions)

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