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Refund Policy

You can have 3 days to inspect your box and return it “UNUSED” if not satisfied.   Shipping time is not included in the 3 days.

If you use it under your car on a trip it’s going to be scuffed and I can’t sell it for new.   I can’t accept used boxes or scuffed boxes.

What usually happens is people receive their box and return it for a larger one.   Which is no problem at all.

I always work with my customers.   My goal is to create long term customers.

There will be a 10% restock fee to cover any time and extra expense and also a fee for my exact shipping cost.  Doesn’t apply to upgrades.

Buyer pays return shipping and you “MUST PURCHASE TRACKING.”

USPS is the easiest way to do this unless you prefer UPS or FEDEX.   Contact me first!   Make sure you have correct shipping address and I can be looking for the box to arrive.

I try to make this win-win for both of us.   I have several real testimonials listed on the site and can provide more to make this and enjoyable shopping experience.



(Mailing Address but contact me before mailing)

PO Box 100645
Palm Bay, FL 32910

Ph 321-544-5440


Thank You!

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